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My Money has Disappeared!

The image of the government reaching into your back pocket to take your money has been a staple of political cartoons for centuries. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. The government does have ways to get their tax money from you if you neglect or refuse to pay. It’s possible to check your bank balance and find that your account has been drained. They can also force your employer to send extra money to them out of your paycheck so you can pay back your taxes. These are called a bank levy and a wage garnishment respectively.

What Happens If I Have a Wage Garnishment Or Bank Levy?

If this has happened to you, then you have a serious tax problem that must be addressed. You need a tax attorney negotiating on your behalf so that you can deal with the problem and come to a payment plan that works in your favor, not the government’s favor. Yes, you will have to pay back what you owe, but it’s better to do that on your terms.

Can Wage Garnishments Or Bank Levies Be Reversed?

If an IRS action puts you in immediate financial hardship, it is sometimes possible to get it reversed. Remember, the IRS’ main goal is to get the money due to them in taxes. They don’t want to put people in jail or prevent people from paying back their taxes by putting them in a worse financial state. The IRS can’t know the full details of your financial situation at the time they take action. But if you, with the help of tax attorney, can present evidence that what they did puts you in a worse position for paying back the taxes, they may reverse it.

Usually, a taxpayer will receive some sort of notice of intent to perform a levy or garnishment before the collection action is taken. Notices can get missed or sometimes ignored. Sometimes people think it’s a threat and that the IRS can’t legally do a wage garnishment or a bank levy. They can and they will if you refuse to pay your taxes.

If you do work with us and we manage to secure a deal with the IRS to reverse your levy or garnishment, you will still need to pay back the taxes and prevent the problem from happening in the future. The IRS does want their money and they can take harsher action if you’re habitually behind. We can look at your tax situation and possibly find exemptions or deductions that you have missed, as well as help you get on a regular filing schedule so the IRS can see you’re working to stay current on your taxes.

Who Do I Call In Weston About Wage Garnishments And Bank Levies?

If you find that you’ve received a levy or a garnishment, don’t panic. Our office can help you. If you live in Weston, Aventura, Miami, or anywhere else in South Florida, there is a help. Zuckerman Law has a strong reputation for quality tax representation from the public as well as from our peers. We have received the highest ratings from Martindale-Hubble. Don’t let IRS actions paralyze you. Call us today or fill out the form on our contact page.

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