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Are All Your Returns Correct?

Every year around tax time, tax return preparer businesses open up all over the U.S. trying to use every tactic in the book to get people into the door. It’s a good business. People need help filing their taxes and many would prefer to pay a professional to get it done rather than try to figure it out themselves. But those who prepare taxes also have to tell the IRS on the form that they believe all of the information is correct. For most preparers, this isn’t a problem. They believe what the client has presented is accurate and they’ve done their research on the tax code.

What Happens In Tax Return Preparation Fraud?

However, some preparers do run fraudulent businesses and some clients give fraudulent information to the preparer. Unfortunately for the preparer, if their name is on the form and there’s a large error, they could come looking for you. They may think that you’re fraudulent or unable to file proper returns and revoke your preparer privileges, putting an end to your business. Sadly, tax preparation fraud is common.

The IRS investigation will usually start with an audit. That will help them determine what’s actually happening. They might think that it’s fraud, but it could also be a mistake in your filing practices or perhaps you just have some unusual clients. If they do find evidence of fraud, they will launch a criminal investigation. There may be a number of years between the initial audit and the investigation. See our page on criminal investigations by the IRS for more information on how the Criminal Investigation arm of the IRS works.

Can A Tax Attorney Help Me With Tax Return Preparation Fraud?

If you are a preparer and you get audited, you will need to get a tax lawyer on your side. Even if you are an excellent preparer, retaining the services of a tax lawyer can protect you if something were to ever go wrong. We can go through your returns and find out if you are making an error, and how to fix it with the IRS and with your clients. Also, if you have an unusual client or a client with strange documentation, you can consult with us to get advice on how to file the return properly so you do not get in trouble with the IRS or the Florida DOR.

“Tax return preparers who don’t follow the letter of the law and rules have great exposure to the assessment of huge penalties and criminal prosecution.”

Who Do I Call About Tax Return Preparation Fraud In North Miami Beach?

If you are a tax preparer, you need a tax attorney on your side. Zuckerman Law has helped tax preparers fend off lawsuits both from the public and from the IRS. We all need tax preparers. In fact, we do it ourselves. Let our 30 years of expertise help ensure that you’re offering a service that won’t get you in trouble down the road. If you live in North Miami Beach, Pompano Beach, or anywhere else in the South Florida region, call us for a consultation or use our contact form. Zuckerman Law is ready to help you.

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