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I Received An IRS Notice! What Do I Do?

The IRS loves to do things in writing. They won’t call you up to talk to you about your tax problems. Instead, they send letters. These letters are sometimes very good, like when they say that your old tax debt is finally paid off. But more often than not, the IRS is either wanting information or is informing you that something has gone wrong.

Many people come to our offices with a notice in their hand and a lot of worry on their face. Sometimes they’re receiving an audit and don’t know what to do next. Sometimes they’re the recipient of a very large tax bill with scary language and a very short turnaround time to pay it off. Due to the fear that many Americans have about going to jail over tax debt, receiving a notice can be paralyzing. But, it must be dealt with.

What Is An IRS Lien?

Another form of notice you can receive is a lien. A lien is a claim on your property. If you were to sell your property, the owner of the lien would be able to take the proceeds from the sale up to the amount of the lien. For people who owe a lot of tax and own property, this is a common way for the IRS to put pressure on you to pay. You won’t be able to sell your property with the IRS getting the money from the sale first. Plus, it casts a shadow over your title that could scare away most buyers, or attract the ones that want to lowball you knowing that the IRS is knocking at your door.

Some of the possible notices are even worse. For instance, if you receive a notice that you’re under investigation by the IRS for a tax problem, you will need immediate advice.

Why Did I Get An IRS Lien?

  • Didn’t file
  • Missing or incorrect information
  • Didn’t pay on time for this year’s taxes
  • An audits
  • Back taxes need to be paid.
  • Offers in compromise negotiations
  • IRS payment plan information.
  • Release or imposition of levies, garnishments, and liens
  • Criminal investigation

Zuckerman Law has experience dealing with all of these. Each type of notice needs a different response. We can help you fill or fix back returns, dispute taxes owed, help you through an audit, negotiate on your behalf with the IRS, and even help get a lien, levy, or garnishment lifted. It is our job as your tax attorney to study the situation and offer advice on how to get out of the circumstances you are in. Even if you are facing criminal investigation by the IRS or the Florida DOR, our skilled tax attorneys can help you.

Who Do I Call In Deerfield Beach If I Have Received A Tax Notice?

We’ve been in the business of tax representation for 30 years in the South Florida area. We serve Deerfield Beach, Hallandale Beach, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and all points in between. Many of the local IRS agents know us well and are willing to negotiate with us due to our reputation for providing strong legal representation. Whether you’re a high-net-worth individual with complicated finances or a new business owner wanting to start off on the right foot, we can help you get your tax situation straight.

500 E Broward Boulevard, suite 1710
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