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Florida makes a significant amount of its revenue from sales and use taxes. This means that the Florida Department of Revenue is on the lookout for any business that isn’t sending their tax money in on time. Florida has no income tax, which means that they are especially aggressive. You do not want to get on the bad side of the Florida Department of Revenue.

What Happens If I Don’t Send In My Taxes?

It’s very important for businesses to send in their taxes because Florida could shut down the business or seize assets to pay for them if they don’t get their revenue. The base rate for these taxes is 6%. All Florida businesses that have to deal with sales and use taxes have to send it in at regular intervals. Most businesses have to do it monthly. If you collect more than $1,000 in sales tax per month, this is the requirement.

What If I Cannot Pay Florida Sales And Use Tax?

If it is an emergency situation and you cannot pay your required taxes, you can call the Florida Department of Revenue and request a stipulated time payment agreement. You will need to be able to pay at least 25% of the taxes you owe and be able to pay the rest off within a year to take advantage of this. If you are thinking about doing this or have done it, you should talk with a tax professional to help get your tax situation in order so that you don’t fall into this sort of situation in the future.

There are certain types of businesses that do get extra scrutiny due to the high amount of revenue they generate. Convenience stores have many small transactions which, unfortunately, some people use as a shield to try and hide withholdings. Buy-here-pay-here used car lots are also a target because everything is handled at the location and they often have large amounts of money. If you are in these industries, you to be extra-scrupulous about sending in your payments on time.

If you receive a letter from the DOR demanding an audit, you will need to get your books in order so you can show them. Zuckerman Law can help you with this. We know the things the DOR will be looking for in your financial records. You don’t want to be missing information when they come knocking at your door. We can also be there when you get audited to answer questions. If you do your own audit and discover you owe taxes, we can help you write up a voluntary disclosure of due taxes to the DOR so you can fix the problem before they come to you.

Who Can You Call About Florida Sales And Use Tax?

Our firm handles cases from all over South Florida, including the cities of Pembroke Pines, Boca Raton, and Miami. The tax attorneys at Zuckerman Law, LLC. will represent you before the Florida Department of Revenue and the IRS. We have over 30 years of experience handling legal issues related to taxation, from simple filing to defending people in court. We invite you to schedule a free confidential consultation by calling us at 954-922-1975 , or by filling out our intake form on our Contact Us page.

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