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I Need to File Late Returns

One of the easiest ways to get the attention of the IRS is to forget to file your returns for a few years in a row. Sometimes people think they don’t need to file. Perhaps they became a full-time student, started receiving full disability, or were unemployed for a long time and think they fell under the requirement. In some cases, yes, you don’t have to file. But it never hurts to file, providing a paper trail for the IRS.

What Do You Do When You Receive an IRS Notice?

If the IRS suspects that you do indeed need to file, expect notices to start coming to your mailbox. We’ve had many people receive a notice of missing tax returns and come to us in a panic. They may not have the documentation to file or even know where they can get the tax forms. These notices can be very aggressive in their language. But don’t panic. Instead, reach out to Zuckerman Law to talk about your tax situation. If you are missing returns, this is the first thing that will need to be fixed. Yes, you may have to owe some money and pay some interest and penalties to the IRS depending on your situation, but having a gap in your tax return record isn’t good either.

What Do You Do If You Forget To File?

If you forget to file, that means the IRS has to make assumptions about how much tax you might owe. Often these assumptions are correct. The IRS has many ways of figuring out how much tax a non-filer might owe based on past spending and statistics. Because they’re right most of the time doesn’t mean that they’re right all the time. We can make it correct by tracking down which years are missing and start from there.

Are you missing tax returns and you owe the IRS money? Forget about cutting any sort of deal with them until the tax returns are complete. You have to have all of your outstanding returns filed and caught up on your withholding for the current year if you want to take advantage of installment plans. After your past tax forms are processed, we can help you set up an installment plan with the IRS that fits your budget so you can get rid of your tax problem.

What If Your Taxes Are Complicated?

What if you want to file for this year and you’re not behind? We can help you with that as well. People with complicated taxes, such as foreign account holders, may have tax forms that require services beyond a standard CPA. As tax lawyers, we know the tax codes very well. If you have questions about tax shelters, estate planning, and business planning to help you with your tax burden, we can assist with that as well.

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