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Business and Estate Planning Law Attorneys in Pompano Beach, FL

We wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to open up a business or retire in Pompano Beach or South Florida. It’s a beautiful place with some of the best weather in the country. However, if you want to do it right, you need to have a plan in place.

Setting up a business is tricky. Business structures protect individuals from the negative effects of business losses and lawsuits. They also provide a legal structure for the operation and taxation of a business. If it’s not formed correctly, you could be liable for a lot more than you might think.

Likewise, it’s possible for taxes to drain away much of your estate if you don’t plan it properly. An estate plan isn’t just something for old age. Even if your assets are small, you can still decide where they will go by the creation of a will or other estate planning instrument. A strong estate can not only protect you from the IRS, but it can also protect you from other individuals who might want to get a piece of your assets.

Business Planning in Pompano Beach

Our team has years of experience helping businesses structure themselves for their protection. Each of type of structure has its uses, but deciding which one is best is difficult. We can walk you through all of the necessary steps to make the right decision so you don’t have to worry that you chose the wrong protections.

Many new businesses start as partnerships or as sole-proprietorships and then move into an LLC or S-Corp structure when they get large enough. Transitioning from one form of business to another while keeping your taxes and legal protections can offer many complications. Through a consultation with us, we can tell you the advantages and disadvantages. Then, when you’re ready, we can help you file the paperwork to make the transition as smooth and swift as possible.

Our team can also handle mergers, acquisitions, and liquidations, which can be quite difficult when tax time comes around. Correctly closing the books on a business is important to avoid future tax headaches down the road. You don’t want to have your business license office or the IRS trying to collect money after your business is shut down!

Estate Planning in Pompano Beach

The creation of an estate isn’t just for people with a lot of money. If there is someone in your life that you want your assets to go to after death, whether it is a relative, a friend, or even a charity, you need to have a plan in place so you can ensure the money can go where you wish it to go.

If you are in an unmarried domestic partnership, the laws are not on your side. If one of the partners dies in a domestic partnership, a will may not be enough depending on the contents. You need a strong estate plan that can provide for your loved ones and your children in the future. Zuckerman Law is one of the few law firms in South Florida that specializes in estate planning for domestic partners. The reasons for your partnership are your own; let us protect that bond by helping you build an estate plan.

The best time to set up one is right now. You never know when the inevitable will happen and you don’t want your assets to be distributed by the courts. We can protect your money for the next generation.

Your business and your estate are your most important financial assets. You can’t afford not to protect them. If you live in Pompano Beach or anywhere else in South Florida, talk with Zuckerman Law at 954-922-1975 (locally), or fill out the form on our Contact Us page. We look forward to helping you with your business or estate.

500 E Broward Boulevard, suite 1710
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33394

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