Spouses Can Relieve Themselves From Their Partner’s Tax Liabilities
Friday, August 4, 2017

Spouses Can Relieve Themselves From Their Partner’s Tax Liabilities

As husband and wife, if you decide to file a joint tax return, you both are responsible for the entire tax bill. You both acknowledge that you will take care of it together, and pay any fines (if any) for errors or incorrect or late filing. As a joint unit, you are committed to taking on whatever comes your way. But it also means that you are entitled to whatever return you both receive. It has its positives and negatives. But what happens when one spouse needs to absolve themselves from the responsibility of the joint tax filing; are they allowed to do that? And if so, how do they go about it?

Zuckerman Law, LLC have been representing clients who are in a situation where they need innocent spouse relief. Certain circumstances will grant a spouse the right to request to file a Form 8857. As some of the top innocent spouse relief attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, Zuckerman Law, LLC can counsel you on what steps to take, and what constitutes the need to request this form. Being stuck with the responsibility for paying for a spouse’s error – intentional or otherwise – is unfair, and they are willing to go to bat for you in taking care of the problem.

When Should You File a Form 8857?

File a Form 8857 as soon as you become aware of any tax liability that you feel your spouse should take sole responsibility, like:

The IRS is considering raising your tax liability after examining your tax return
You get a notice from the IRS

However, you must file the form no later than two years after a first attempt by the IRS to collect the tax from you. There may be exceptions, so make sure to consult a top innocent spouse relief attorney in Fort Lauderdale if you have any questions.

You may need to send documents along with your Form 8857. Zuckerman Law, LLC can help guide you through the process of what is needed.

Situations That May Call for Innocent Spouse Relief

An abused spouse is kept in the dark about the taxes. Once the abused person escapes, the IRS may still come after them for past taxes and mismanagement.

A spouse is arrested for fraudulent activity. The other spouse is unaware of it. Once in prison, the IRS comes after the free spouse because the spouse in prison lied on their joint tax return.

One spouse dies with unpaid tax liabilities. After final expenses are paid, the surviving spouse is contacted by the IRS about unpaid tax liabilities that the spouse can no longer afford to pay.

If you feel you need a top innocent spouse relief attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, do not hesitate to contact Zuckerman Law, LLC. They have many years of practice representing clients.

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