No One is Immune to Wage Garnishment
Friday, August 11, 2017

No One is Immune to Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment can be one of the costliest things to an individual because they have no choice in the matter. When your wages are garnished, the IRS basically takes what they deem necessary out of your paycheck, no questions asked. It can be quite embarrassing for your employer to know your personal business, especially when it comes to your finances. That’s why it is imperative to pay your financial obligations on time, or at least make arrangements if the obligation is getting a bit too much for you. But ignoring a notice from the government that leads to wage garnishment is a horrible feeling, but many people go through it every year; some for an indefinite amount of time.

Zuckerman Law, LLC are some of the top wage garnishment attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, and know how to handle such situations. But you can not wait until it is too late. The minute you get a notice from the IRS you want to contact them so they can advise you on what to do. They have the experience and the background to facilitate your needs. One phone call to them could mean the difference between going deeper into a financial hole or looking toward financial freedom.

Carlos and Jennifer met in high school when they were seniors. They spent every day their senior year together. As luck would have it, they both got accepted to the same college. They spent their entire college careers together, and upon graduation, got married. They both got decent jobs and embarked on promising career paths. Everything was perfect. So they decided the only thing left to do was get married. They had been together for seven years and life was going great. They were in love. So they tied the knot.

Within a year they had their first child. But the stress of having a career and raising a child got to be too much for Carlos and Jennifer, and the marriage fell apart. Carlos was now stuck with alimony and child support payments. This meant he had to work overtime and barely had enough time to sleep. On top of everything, he was still paying off his student loans. He never missed a payment to his ex-wife or his child, but he kept defaulting on his loans. At one point he was more than a year behind. He got several notices from the IRS, and eventually, they started garnishing his wages.

There are many people in similar situations like Carlos. They are not bad people, but sometimes financial obligations can get out of hand. Find a top wage garnishment attorneys in Fort Lauderdale can help alleviate some of the stress of trying to deal with these obligations on your own. Zuckerman Law, LLC will be able to counsel you as to what steps you should take. If you find yourself in a predicament like this, give them a call for a consultation. They will be more than happy to help.

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