IRS Criminal Investigations Can Be Bad News For Some
Friday, July 7, 2017

IRS Criminal Investigations Can Be Bad News For Some

There is an interesting saying out there – “There are three people you do not mess with: the I, the R and the S!” Basically it means, do not try to cheat, steal or hide money from the government because you will get caught. It may not be right away, but the government has a knack for tracking down money that belongs to them. And if you have ever gotten a letter from the IRS, you know what it feels like to panic a little and do your best to keep your finances in order.

Many people unknowingly fail to report certain income to the government. Either they feel the amount is so insignificant that it will not make a difference; or it is “unofficial” work done on the side for cash. In any case, their lack of knowledge on the topic can lead to them getting into big trouble with the IRS. Zuckerman Law, LLC have been representing tax fraud clients for years, and they understand that sometimes things happen. They are empathetic IRS criminal investigation attorney in Fort Lauderdale who take every case seriously, but look at them on an individual basis.

An IRS criminal investigation can be initiated if an auditor or collections officer may suspect fraud. Information can also be obtained by from the public, or from another ongoing investigation. During a preliminary investigation, officers analyze information to determine whether tax fraud has occurred. Once an investigation is opened, the agent can collect and analyze any information needed to establish criminal activity. If the investigation is accepted by the Department of Justice for prosecution, then it is managed by the prosecutors. The goal – obviously – is to get a conviction. A conviction could range from fines to serving jail time.

Many celebrities find themselves falling prey to tax fraud. For whatever reason, some may not report income or they may not file their taxes, or maybe some think because of their celebrity status they are above the law. But the IRS does not discriminate when it comes to collecting money owed to them. Many celebrities have the funds in order to hire an accountant to keep track of what they make, save, spend and report to the IRS. This, of course, can save them a lot of headache. But once in a while, you do get a celebrity who is too caught up in the good life to keep track of where their money goes. So having an empathetic IRS criminal investigation attorney in Fort Lauderdale on their side helps.

If you are having issues with taxes – namely tax fraud – do not hesitate to call Zuckerman Law, LLC. They have years of experience defending clients who are in trouble with the IRS. Give them a call today and let them come up with an iron-clad defense that will put you in a better position than your current state. They will be more than happy to assist you in your matter. Contact them today.

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