Broward Voters Reject Penny Sales Tax Increase
Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Broward Voters Reject Penny Sales Tax Increase

The election is finally over. Gone are the constant political ads attacking opposing candidates along with promises for new jobs and a better economy. But Broward County voters made their voices loud and clear. Although it is obvious the county needs upgrades in roads, buildings and infrastructure, Broward residents do not want it coming out of their pockets. A proposed sales tax increase from 6 to 7 percent on the dollar was rejected.

Back on November 8th, Broward voters were presented with two tax increase proposals. The first would fund improvements in the county’s infrastructure. The second would fund transportation improvements. Although the public voted yes for improving transportation, the voters did not approve infrastructure upgrades. Because both tax increase proposals were entwined, neither will take into effect. However, if you supported the transportation tax, there may be good news in the future. According to Broward Commissioner Tim Ryan, the transportation tax proposal may appear again in the future.

The truth is tax increases are never popular. Nobody wants to pay more money. But it is also painfully obvious there is a problem of gridlock on the county’s roads. The approval of the transportation tax is a clear indication of the public’s desire to improve Broward’s transportation. The proposed Broward transportation tax would have provided the following improvements:

  • Improved bus service
  • Repair and improve sidewalks
  • Greater enforcement of school zone safety
  • Construct a rail system

The rejection of the tax increase was a clear indication of public’s distrust for giving the government more money. County officials also blamed the confusing language on the ballot, which left many voters unsure how the tax increase would work.

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