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Tax Settlement-Offer in Compromise

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You have seen the advertisements: "Tax Settlement Services," "Settle with the IRS for pennies on the dollar," and "Let us eliminate your tax debt through an offer in compromise."

What some individuals offering these services fail to inform you is that a substantial amount of offers in compromise are rejected by the IRS. Moreover, it takes months and often hundreds or thousands of dollars spent before you realize that an offer in compromise is not a feasible solution to your problem.

At the law offices of Zuckerman & Mata, L.L.C., we understand which tax situations have an excellent chance of attaining a tax settlement through an offer in compromise, which situations have a good chance of success in attaining an offer in compromise, and which situations are poor candidates for an offer in compromise.

Tax settlement lawyer Ira Zuckerman has over 30 years experience handling tax issues for individuals and businesses. He has learned much over that time, including how the IRS deals with certain situations regarding offers in compromise. In addition, he understands your options, including negotiating a payment plan with the IRS. In some cases, you may not even be liable for all your tax debt.

We will sit with you and discuss your situation, outline the process and your options for you, and give you counsel based upon our vast experience. You will appreciate the level of service and the straightforward communication we routinely provide. For additional information about the benefits of retaining Mr. Zuckerman, please visit our Firm Overview page.

We invite you to schedule a free confidential consultation with Mr. Zuckerman to discuss your tax issues and your options, including a tax settlement through an offer in compromise with the IRS (or Florida DOR) by calling us at 954-922-1975 (locally), or filling out our intake form on our Contact Us page.

When the government, with its unlimited resources, is taking legal action against you, contact an experienced tax attorney to represent you. Call us today.

Zuckerman & Mata, L.L.C.
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http://www.taxmaniandevil.com 888.441.2007 If you are under civil or criminal investigation by the IRS or the Florida Department of Revenue, you’ll want an experienced tax lawyer to protect your rights. Contact Ira L. Zuckerman, P.A. in Miami.

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